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Indiegogo Campaign: Support The Mission Science Workshop

Posted by Shannon Arvizu, Ph.D.

May 13, 2014 4:56:51 PM

One of our favorite science centers in San Francisco needs help from the community. 

The Mission Science Workshopa group of committed educators and makers, is raising $50,000 to expand their reach to low-income children throughout the Bay Area. 

Funding from the campaign will help the group "make sure they have wobble bots and pig hearts to dissect for their Saturday drop-in family science day," "keep the snakes warm at night," and will "even gas up the van the 35-foot grey whale lives in so Salinas Valley can receive its first visit from a Cetacean."

The group writes: 

"Our dream has always been to serve as many marginalized youth in the deepest ways. We have recently ramped up our efforts in expanding our reach, sharing science in ways we never would have dreamed of when we began."

Mission Science Workshop hosts 8,000 students each year and conducts 1,400 workshops annually with San Francisco public schools. 

If you would like to help bring the Mission Science experience to more children, you can make a donation to the Mission Science Indiegogo Campaign

Every contribution to their campaign is rewarded with a gift (and they are pretty cool gifts).


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TechCrunch Video: Inside an AltSchool Classroom

Posted by Shannon Arvizu, Ph.D.

May 2, 2014 12:56:00 PM


TechCrunch visited our Dogpatch classroom to get an inside look into the AltSchool experience.

In the first video, journalist Leena Rao speaks with teachers Carolyn Wilson (Director of Education) and Lauren Hancock to understand the dynamics of our classroom. Leena also speaks with an upper elementary student to get a firsthand demonstration of an AltSchool personalized playlist. 

In the second video, Leena chats one-on-one with Max to understand his perspective on education as an entrepreneur and father. 

Check out the videos here.


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TechCrunch Reports on the AltSchool Story

Posted by Shannon Arvizu, Ph.D.

Dec 2, 2013 11:47:00 AM


TechCrunch visited AltSchool this past week! In the article, Leena Rao offers her take on: 

  • why we personalize learning,  
  • how we customize "playlists" for individualized education, and
  • why we emphasize R&D for continuous innovation.

Read more in the article here

If you would like to hear firsthand how AltSchool can benefit your child, come to our next info session. You can learn more directly from our founder, Max Ventilla, and our Director of Education, Carolyn Wilson. 

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