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Healthy Eating for Better Learning: 3 Tips from Our Classroom

Posted by The AltSchool Team

Jan 16, 2014 2:59:00 PM

Screen_Shot_2014-01-12_at_11.36.52_AMRaising children with healthy eating habits is not just about keeping them physically well.

Nutrition is key for learning.

Neuroscience has unequivocally shown that nutrition affects cognitive development. What children eat affects their mental abilities.

And is vision really improved with carrot consumption? The study, “Healthy Students are Better Learners,” reveals that proper nutrition enhances vision, motor skills, language, and even social abilities in children.

In our classroom, we regularly nurture healthy eating habits for strong bodies and minds. Below, AltSchool teacher Lauren Hancock highlights ways parents can help their children make smart food choices at home:

3 Tips for Raising Healthy Eaters

  • Cooking projects: Cooking with your child is an excellent way to encourage healthy eating. AltSchool students cook a nutritious meal together in the classroom every week. Next time you feel inspired, cook a brightly colored meal with your child -- kabobs, stir-fry, or homemade veggie pizza, for example -- and show them how to prepare foods using less fat and pre-packaged ingredients.

  • Fresh produce delivery: Order a produce box from a weekly delivery service to expand healthy eating possibilities. AltSchool orders sustainable, locally-sourced produce and snacks from Good Eggs. Each week, students select items for their classroom order (favorites include mandarin oranges, avocados, and apples) and open the delivery box together.

  • Healthy snacks: Anticipate your child’s hunger by placing healthy snack options in visible areas. In our classroom, we cut up fruits and veggies and place them on small plates for children to snack on throughout the day. You’ll be surprised to find your children munching on broccoli crudite or cherry tomatoes when they are readily available.

Children's Health Workshops Coming Soon

AltSchool is delighted to announce that one of our teachers, Siri Scull, will be offering a series of 4 seminars covering current topics in children's health. They will be held at AltSchool's office (1245 Folsom St in San Francisco) and are free and open to community members.

For more information, please sign up here and we'll be in touch with further details.

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