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Next Stop, Brooklyn

Posted by Max Ventilla

Nov 6, 2014 11:49:54 AM


View of New York City from the Greenway, Brooklyn Heights.

It’s official -- AltSchool is expanding beyond the Bay Area, and I am thrilled to announce that our next location will be in Brooklyn, NY.

A few questions have come up regarding this important step in AltSchool’s growth:

Why expand beyond the Bay Area?

With 4 locations around San Francisco, we are still new to the Bay Area, and we are excited to have built a community that will help us expand here. We continue to take advantage of all that the area has to offer us and our students, from incredible expert resources to local environments that foster AltSchool’s brand of interest driven, real-world learning.

Growing around San Francisco has demonstrated the value that an expanded network affords our community, which is why its time to go beyond the Bay area. I’ve spoken and written about the importance of scale at AltSchool and how growth will help us improve the education for all of our students. For many reasons, New York -- and more specifically, Brooklyn Heights (where we also keep our east coast AltSchool office), has become the logical next step.


Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights. AltSchool's newest location.

Why Brooklyn?

Anyone who lives around or who has spent time in Brooklyn knows about the active community there. In fact, there are many parallels that have been drawn between the communities in Brooklyn and San Francisco. Brooklyn families are interested in progressive education, in diversity, and in experiential learning.  Brooklyn itself is an incredibly rich environment; full of the types of local experts, resources and cultural experiences that have enabled AltSchool success in the Bay Area.

It should also be known that, when we asked our extended community where we should consider expanding outside of the Bay Area, Brooklyn raised their hand the highest. AltSchool is always looking for interested founding families to help us build new micro-schools and we will continue to strongly consider initial interest as we expand to more geographies.

What will AltSchool bring to Brooklyn?

The families we’ve spoken to in Brooklyn tell us they are ready for the kind of personalized, rigorous learning plans we are now known for in San Francisco.  We’ve already seen their interest in our whole child education, which incorporates aspects of social and emotional learning into every student activity and experience. They also tell us that demand far outweighs supply when it comes to quality K-8 schools in the area.

More broadly, AltSchool is excited to bring -- to Brooklyn and to all future locations -- the promise of the micro-school network experience. From a growing group of outstanding teachers that can tap each other for expertise, to centralized internal functions that do not need to be “dealt with” on an individual school level, there are so many benefits that a growing AltSchool network affords.  Beginning next fall, we can't wait to have Brooklyn part of that extended community of students, parents, and educators.

I invite you to take a look at our admissions calendar and submit an application to join us.


Mara Pauker, Head of AltSchool Brooklyn Heights.


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